Consular Visas

The visa is the permit of entrance granted by a country to the foreign citizen and it varies pursuant to the duration and purpose of the trip. Costagille, a company specialized in rendering assistance services for the issuance of consular visas, gets all documents necessary for the authorization for temporary stay for tourism, business, studies, internships and work for Brazilian citizens and foreigners who enter in the preference countries.

For such, Costagille has a highly qualified team, which performs personalized and individualized services, maintaining its clients informed all the time about the procedures, modifications in the laws, terms and expiration dates of the documents, providing quality, comfort and safety in the services it offers, enabling them to easily develop their activities out of their countries of origin, besides safety, comfort and tranquility.

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Form for the necessary documents


Costagille also provides full assessment in the issuance of Brazilian Passport, since the provision of all information and fulfillment of forms until scheduling, payment of the fees and guidance about the documents necessary for going to the Federal Police of the scheduled day.

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