Visas for Administrators, Managers, Directors or Officers

The work visa for officers/director/administrator/manager is the visa applicable to the foreigner who will perform a function with management powers.

For such, the law demands that the companies established in Brazil invest, at least:

•   • R$ 600 thousand per foreigner; or
•   • R$ 150 thousand, plus the generation of 10 new jobs, which shall be evidences, in a period of up to two years after the concession of the visa, per foreigner.

With this kind of visa, the foreigner can live and work in the country, for an undetermined period, while the employment agreement is in force.

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Visas for Individual Investors

Modality applicable to the foreigner who wants to live in Brazil, with the purpose of investing their own resources, from external origins, in professional activites.

One of the requirements is that, as partner or shareholder, such individual performs investments of, at least, one hundred and fifty thousand Reais (R$ 150,000.00) in a Brazilian company.

However, even with an investment lower than the above mentioned amount, provided that there is, pursuant to an understanding of the National Immigration Committee, social relevance of the investment and the creation of new jobs, the permanent visa is also granted.

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Permanent Visa Based on Marriage

To require the permanent visa based on Marriage, it is necessary that, besides the foreigner has civil capacity, pursuant to the Brazilian laws, they shall be married in fact and pursuant to the law to a Brazilian spouse.

Several points shall be carefully observed, one of them is that, if the marriage was performed in another country, before requiring the definitive Brazilian visa, the couple needs first to register their marriage certificate in the Brazilian Consulate of the country in which the original certificate was issued.

With the permanent visa, the foreigner has the right to live and work in Brazil for an undetermined period, provided that the marriage is maintained.

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Permanent Visa Based on Brazilian Children

The Brazilian laws grants to the foreigner with Brazilian children under their care and economic, moral and social dependence the right to get a permanent visa, being one of the main ways to obtain a permanent visa. With the permanent visa, the foreigner has the right to live and work in Brazil.

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