Work Visa for Seafarers

This type of visa is suited to foreigners who will perform continuous professional activities onboard a foreign vessel or platform that may operate or that is in operation in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters, without any employment relations in Brazil, provided that the interests of the national worker is observed.

The validity period of this visa may be up to 2 years. In certain cases, it is important to mention that a visa may not even be necessary, and that a list of documents must be provided. For this and other precise and correct guidance, as well as for the whole process, the work permit process, count with our company, Costagille, which stands out in this sector.

Technical Services Work Visa - 90 days

This is a kind of visa practically applicable to all production and technology areas, especially in the offshore market, but it has certain kinds of requirements and it prohibits the performance of certain kinds of functions.

This way, many times, it is necessary that professionals from abroad come to Brazil for a short period of time, at most, 90 days, not extendable, for rendering technical services.

It shall be emphasized that there shall have an agreement, cooperation agreement or covenant between the foreign legal entity and the Brazilian legal entity, in order the foreigner, without any employment relation with the national company, can have the temporary visa approved, granted. The work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Employment is not required, the procedure is performed by means of the Brazilian Consulates abroad, with the presentation of some documents, and you can count with Costagille to provide them and help you in the whole procedure.

Technology Transference Visa - 1 year

The Technical Services or Technology Transference Work Visa is the visa for the foreigner who intends to come to Brazil to render technical services or technology transference services.

It shall also be mentioned that the visa does not involve any employment relation between the professional and the Brazilian company. The employee maintains their relation as employee of the foreign company that represents them or they are hired in their country of origin.

Besides, it is important to emphasize that the requested professional also will not replace the national labor, on the contrary, they will provide technical assistance to a company's specific need, besides training and qualifying Brazilian professionals.

This visa is more complex than the technical assistance one, it is valid for a short period of time and it, thus, involves several aspects that shall be carefully analyzed and observed, as it needs a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

This authorization results from a procedures performed in details, in order there isn't any problems or complications to obtain the authorization. Thus, only a company that is reference in work permits, which is in the sector, and has, thus, a lot of experience in the area, with a qualified team, will be able to take care of your case with a lot of dedication, qualification and professionalism.

Work Visa with Employment Agreement - 2 years

This visa is applicable to situations in which a Brazilian company intends to hire a foreigner to perform compensated activity with employment relation, provided that there isn't any Brazilian qualified labor, provided that the interest of the Brazilians is observed, that is, the work of the Brazilian professional shall be a priority.

Besides, obviously, the temporary employment agreement, of up to 2 years, the foreigner shall have an employment booklet with their respective registration. They need a work authorization and the process is more complex than the technical assistance one, requiring several documents and requirements to be observed.

It shall be emphasized that, after the end of the 2 years period, if the work of the foreigner is still necessary, the visa may be extended or it may be transformed in a permanent visa, both services that Costagille also renders.

It is important to mention that this kind of visa is not applicable to foreigners who want to come to Brazil to perform functions with management powers in national companies. Be sure that Costagille will take care of the whole process, attentively following it up, helping the company since its beginning, with the necessary documents, drafting of letters, control of terms, with the differentiated attendance it deserves.

Work Visa for Athletes

It may be granted to a foreigner athlete, individual or in group, who takes part of a certain and determined sports event, without any employment relations with any individual or legal entity headquartered/living in Brazil.

The visa is equally applicable to the other professionals who, in an auxiliary character, take part of the athlete's activity.

A previous authorization from the Ministry of Labor and Employment must be obtained, which shall be preceded from a procedure performed by Costagille, and only after it there shall have the application and obtaining of the visa, with the help of Costagille's partners around the world.

The stay is authorized for up to ninety (90) days per year, which may be extended for an equal period, provided that requested, with the help of Costagille, to the Federal Police Department, before the expiration of the visa.

Thus, Costagille renders a consultancy that observes all your interests, propitiating to you comfort and safety.

Work Visa for Artists

This kind of visa authorizes foreign artists to come to Brazil to take part of certain and determined events, without employment relations with any individual or legal entity in Brazil. It is also applied to the technicians in entertainment presentations and to other professionals who take part of the artist's activity as assistant.

The MTE's authorization is vital and, besides other documents, it is necessary to present an agreement entered into between the artist and the Brazilian legal entity that is calling the foreigner to Brazil.

The stay is authorized for up to ninety (90) days per year, which may be extended for the same period.

There isn't any reason for worries, as Costagille offers unique assistance for the whole process.

Business Visa

This kind of visa is destined to the foreigners who come to Brazil for business, without the intention to immigrate.

The validity of the visa may be for up to five (05) years, depending on the reciprocity with the country of nationality of the foreigner, however, the stay is for up to ninety (90) days, extendable once, for the same period.

Costagille helps to obtain the visa, to collect it, by means of our partners abroad, as the visa shall be obtained in the Brazilian Consular Section abroad, and Costagille also helps in its extension in the Federal Police. Count with a full professional service.