Transference to other countries can be complicated and sometimes, traumatizing to the foreigner, their family and to the company. As it understands the delicate aspects of this transition, Costagille provides the necessary support to the expatriates, providing an individualized treatment and assessment that encompasses all phases of the transference, since before it occurs until the repatriation of the foreigners.

Thus, when helping the foreigners in the transference process to Brazil, its impacts are minimized, which guarantees a calm and pleasant transference.


More than an assistance to obtain the visa and the work permit, Costagille provides to the foreigners a personalized service, already guided to the foreigners and solving their doubts even before they get to Brazil.

Costagille provides it by means of its highly specialized team, with which you will find the support you need and deserves. The team directly contacts the foreigners, whether by telephone, email or by any other means that may be more convenient. This way, it propitiates to the foreigner and their families the comfort and safety for their transference.


Upon arriving in Brazil, the foreigners already meet with Costagille's team, which is waiting for them, ready to help them and follow them up, guaranteeing, in all aspects, that their installation and stay in the country are calm, relaxed and comfortable. This phase involves the presentation of the culture and local customs, the city and the main touristic points, aiming to make with the expatriates get used to the town, in order that, after they get to know it, they may, with Costagille's help, choose their home and school, as the case may be.


Costagille after the introduction of the foreigners, help them to choose their future home. The foreigners will have the safety of having a company with expertise in the field, which always aim to please its clients and, thus, it will present, pursuant to the preference of the expatriates, the best houses, well located, guaranteeing, thus, more than a house, but a true home.

Besides, Costagille helps them to choose the school that will propitiate a quality teaching to the children of the expatriates. Therefore, only the schools with the best performance evaluations will be selected and presented to the expatriates, because is Costagille worried to guarantee them the best, in all aspects.


Costagille believes that the help in the installation of the foreigners in Brazil is not enough, it is necessary that there is a close follow up, to guarantee that the expatriates are really happy with the transference to Brazil and that they are pleased in all aspects. Besides, it is necessary that it is checked that they have everything they need to have a full and calm stay, and for such, we are always besides the foreigners and this way, besides their safety, we guarantee to you and your company the certainty that your employee and their family will have the whole necessary support they need. As consequence: Positive results and increase in the performance.


After following up, step by step, the transference of the expatriates, there will be the moment in which they will return to their countries, but this shall not be a reason for worries or uncertainties. Costagille takes care of everything to you, from the beginning to the end.

We solve all problems, in order neither you nor the foreigners have to worry with anything. This is called partnership and compromise. Just like in the moment of arrival, we follow up the expatriates to the airport, guaranteeing that their leaving is so calm as the period they stayed in Brazil.

This way, Costagille concludes the assistance for the expatriates and renews the partnership with you and your company, as you can be sure that, you can only trust Costagille.