The Costagille Group, founded in 2005, is comprised of companies dedicated to providing consulting services Visas, Business Consulting, Import and Export, Tax Consulting, Relocation and Tourism. Recognized for its expertise and efficiency, always seeking customer satisfaction, offering a professional and qualified staff.

Thus, it is ensured that all aspects of the coming of the foreigner to Brazil are analyzed, which, without a doubt, guarantees tranquility and safety for you or your Company may perform your activities, being sure that Costagille is taking care of each detail.


Basic Principles

Costagille's basic principles are based in three primordial guidelines.


To maintain its leading position and consolidate the recognition of being an excellence company, in the Brazilian and international market. To have the preference in the rendering of high quality and efficiency services, acknowledged by its Clients for the competence and to keep growing in the market it performs, in Brazil and Abroad, with the compromise to continuously improve its services.



To attend and exceed the expectations of our clients, rendering unique services, with differentiated quality, guaranteeing excellence through state-of-the-art technologies and high qualification of the people involves in each process. Helping them, thus, to materialize their whole potential and to drive the development of their business.


  • Client Satisfaction: We are here for you, we dedicate our work to you, and we try to comply with your needs, exceeding your expectations.
  • Excellency and quality: We believe that the best way to comply with your needs is to perform the services with high quality standards, always investing in quality, as, besides this being what we are driven to do, this is what you deserve.
  • Respecting the client: You say and we hear you, you ask and we make everything to give it to you, you have doubts and we solve them, because you, more than attention, need respect.
  • Commitment: When we form a partnership, we really assume the compromise to render the service you need, with the unique quality of Costagille, and we take this very seriouly.
  • Innovation: Besides synergy, our company invests in innovation. We believe that we always need to reinvent and seek the best solutions to comply with the requests you present to us and we try to reinvent ourselves everytime.
  • Professionalism: Ethics, work, discipline, planning, among others, are already inherent to the profile of the team that is part of our company. Be sure that you can trust in us.
  • Efficiency: It is one of the pillars of our company, as only with fast services, anticipating ourselves to you needs, being proactive, offering fast answers we will be able to comply with your requests.

Our Team

The true conquests are result of a dedicated and hard work. Costagille's history could not be different. The acknowledgment in the market didn't come otherwise, only with a team dedicated to improve itself even more, focused on the results and in client's satisfaction.

To achieve this excellence standard and keep conquering even more clients, Costagille invests in the qualification and valuation of its professionals, as it believes that only with a highly professional team it is possible to achieve the desired goals. Therefore, be sure that in Costagille you will find highly qualified professionals, who will, undoubtedly, make the whole difference to help you in your own conquests.

nossa equipe


Differentials Costagille offers to its Clients.
Planejamento Estratégico
Personalized Services

We try to learn about the characteristics and individual needs of each client to adjust our procedures and our team, in order to offer and deliver speed and excellence.

Fast Service to the Client

Our focus is in the client, and our compromise is the fast attendance to their demands. With optimized procedures, knowledge about the laws in force and highly qualified team, Costagille is ready to attend you. Fast Services to the Client

Pronto Atendimento ao Cliente

Padrão de Qualidade
Quality Standard

The set of implicit and explicit rules that govern our operations, along with a select group of professionals capable of creating a solid operational base with high Quality Standard.

Services Online Systems

Consider the Costagille Experience Online System a non compensated member of its team, managing, in an easy and free way, the whole stay of expatriates in Brazil, alerts indicating terms and access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Costagille Experience  
Sistema On-Line