Foreigners Management

The expatriation is a process that requires specific and detailed management, as it takes into account factors that configure different realities: economic, legal, political (immigration and labor), psychological, family relations and social-cultural factors of the people involved and of the respective host countries.


Work permits for foreigners, as listed below:

-  foreign professor, researchers or scientist;
-  foreigner under technical services and/or technology transference agreements;
-  foreigner administrator, manager, director or officer with management powers;
-  performance of function with simultaneous management powers in a company from the same group or economic conglomerate;
-  foreigner representative of financial institution headquartered abroad;
-  foreigner artist or athlete;
-  foreigner worker onboard foreign vessels destined for tourism;
-  foreign worker onboard foreign vessel or platform;
-  foreign worker in the condition of professional athlete;
-  foreigner related to an economic group whose headquarter is located in Brazil;
-  foreign worker with employment agreement;
-  foreign crewmember onboard foreigner fishing vessel;
-  foreign investor - Individual;
-  foreigner related to a foreign company for training in the Brazilian branch, subsidiary or headquarter from the same economic group.

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