Documents for Foreigners

There is some documents that shall be provided in order the foreigner is in goodstanding in the country, complying with all legal determinations.

Besides, it is necessary to provide the documents within the legal terms, to avoid any kind of mistake, what may result in severe consequences to the foreigner.

Therefore, Costagille takes care of all details to guarantee that all applicable documents are provided, providing a personalized assessment and following up the foreigners in all acts necessary for obtaining the document.

Below is listed some of the main documents:

RNE- RNE - National Foreigner Identity - Federal Police
CIE- CIE - Identity Card
CPF- CPF - Individual Taxpayer's Register - Internal Revenue Service
CTPS- CTPS - Employment and Social Security Booklet - MTE (Ministry of Labor and Employment)
CNH- CNH - National Driver's License - DETRAN
PID- PID - International Driving Permit - DETRAN