Business Consulting

The business consulting offered by Costagille is focused on its customers, who seek to break the barriers imposed by boundaries between countries. Our main goal is to assist in start or expanding your business through solutions that consolidate your business in national and international environment.


Market Research
The business success depends directly on the knowledge of the market in which it is inserted. This knowledge will help you understand and solve the uncertainties in decisions relating to new ventures. The market research is a tool that will guide the decisions from the information that is collected and processed, in order to meet a defined objective in advance. The survey objects can be the most varied, as a quantitative research on the consumption or as a qualitative research on the subjective habits of a group of customers.

Costs Analysis and Initial Investiment

It is essential before starting a business or a new project, check if is whether or not worth the investment. For this, there are several indicators, such that: Internal Rate of Return (IRR), net present value or discounted cash flow, payback time (Payback), profitability and EBITDA among others.

We raise and analyze all the costs for business deployment scenarios projecting in order to ensure a better strategic vision of the viability and profitability of the business.

Customers Capture in Brazil and Abroad

The Customer is the most important asset of any company, even if it does not appear in the balance sheet.

Thomas Berry.

The customers capture is mainly to identify companies, groups or individuals interested in consuming certain product and / or services.

Marchantability Analysis & Marketing Planning

With the dynamics of the current situation, companies must be ever alert to market trends. However, information will only be useful if it's used as a differential to define the best strategies for business success.

The market analysis aims to transform the cold information on competitive advantages through the analysis of several points of the project. On the perspective of several theoretical authors, a marketing plan must contain four aspects:

•  Competitors analysis;
•  Consumers analysis;
•  Supply and demand analysis;
•  Correlations and the Financial and Economic Projections.

Tax Planning

The tax costs in Brazil are very significant and could jeopardize the profitability and even prevent the viability of a business poorly planned.

The tax planning aims to reduce fiscal costs and to nullify them through the legal framework according to the economic activities of each business.

Export and Import Plan

The planning is the most important stage of the import / export process. Any documental error may bring risks of delays in clearance of goods and to incur fines. An effective study considering the logistical, fiscal and financial aspects can even reduce fiscal and tax costs while speeding the process.