Tax Assistance

The foreigners resident in Brazil shall provide their accounts to the Federal Police and comply with their tax liabilities.

But most of the times, the foreigners do not receive the information of what is taxable or not, about the taxes that shall be paid both for operations performed in Brazil and abroad, about the tax requirements imposed by the Brazilin laws and thus, in this process, they may end up not complying with their tax obligations, which may result in problems and disturbances.

Thinking about this, Costagille offers a highly qualified team, apt to provide the whole support to the foreigner in relation to the tax issues, guaranteeing, thus, tranquility and safety. Thus, count with the company that best offers this kind of service, with quality and differentiated standards.


Costagille provides, in an integrated and effective way, specific and directed help to the needs of each expatriate, showing all regulations about the declaration of Brazilian capital abroad, controlling terms, the cases in which it is applicable, besides a well defined planning, with the professionalism and confidentiality that only Costagille offers.


Nothing better than knowing that a well known and reference company is carefully taking care of what is taxable in the income tax, taking care of all calculations and ensuring tranquility to the foreigners, avoiding, thus, any mistake or surprise. This is Costagille's policy, to perform in an efficient way, in order you do not have any worries and may perform you work in the best way possible.


It is already complicated to the Brazilian citizens to perform their income tax returns, and for the foreigners, the whole bureaucracy of the Brazilian laws are practically impossible to be understood.

Thus, let Costagille deal with this issue in the best way possible, with the expertise and differential that only it can offer in the whole Brazilian market.